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Timesol Travel

Inventing possibilities for a memorable journey
A full fledged travel division, capable of delivering to the corporate world and to the already attended employee’s/ member’s personal holiday ticketing & transport solutions on a 24/7 basis is what Timesol-Travel  specializes in.

 Timesol believes that a trip, tour or team outing should be truly unforgettable experience. A trip or a holiday with our detailed knowledge can be planned for an ideal getaway to tackle stress at work/get away  from mundane everyday– as Timesol’s tailor made travel division is designed around the interest & budget which allows to explore holidays at one’s own pace to perfect travel plans.

Transport & Ticketing services- serves the corporate world/members to unburden the nuances involved in having to fish from different sources for a single requirement ,The expert knowledge of our specialist with their extensive and intimate knowledge allows one to select the best possible tailored service  all under a single banner of Timesol.

While  Timesol shares  personal travel experiences and  would give recommendations of places of visit  , we have encouraged  our friends to share their amazing & exotic getaways in colors on this platform- click away to “sharing our experiences”- a must visit section!
To know more about Travel services contact : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.