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Timesol is an integrated corporate service partner for its corporate and individual customers as a whole. Established in 2002, we have been a reliable service provider with high levels of commitment and integrity. We accomplish tailor-made services to suit the needs of our growing customer base with flexible platforms to avail our services.


To be renowned as a global firm providing complete service solutions for individuals and corporate entities.


We believe in providing prompt and professional services to our clients with a caring attitude and are committed to doing the same with utmost ease and convenience.


Timesol gives top priority to our clients’ needs adhering to ethical and professional standards. We build long-term relationships expanding our expertise and our services


Timesol is one among the best intermediary service providers that have expanded to over 8 cities around India. Our years of expertise give us a deep understanding of corporate needs. In its 17th years of operation, Timesol would continue working on developing and discovering best practices & methodologies for our esteem clients. We create specialized services to balance a client’s work life that increases efficiency in business administration. Let us know what do you need, and give us permission to manage your works, we are going to save your precious time.


Timesol’s journey wasn’t easy. It was challenging and had required hard work. To be your all-time favorite concierge, it was necessary to think innovatively all the ways. As well, research, development and sustainable were the factors that determine our success, opening new opportunities for growth and greater profitability. Growth ambitions were to strengthen our core – to deliver maximum productivity for our customers.

Our Managing Director Mr. Bhaskar with the help of his team was striding in achieving our strategic goal of transforming the service offerings into core competencies and increasing our market value by growing our existing clients and expanding to new clients.  We have earned reputations so far as a trusted and renowned concierge partner to our customer which is our greatest achievement and notable success. We will keep working towards your comfort and promise to deliver the same quality and value-added services in the coming future as well.    


Timesol headquarters in Bangalore, but it has expanded into over 8 cities around Mumbai, Chennai, Indore, Pune, Kolkata, Hyderabad, and Delhi-NCR. Whatever you need within these regions or anywhere in India, Timesol provides unique deals, preferential rates, exclusive benefits, or special offers.

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