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Annual Maintenance Contract – The Need for Urban Society


The rapidly changing life-style of urban society demand lots of facility management services at their doorstep. Doesn’t matter if is for personal need or professional, facility services are on high demand. But how simple it is to get a facility service on demand and on time? It is difficult, right? Yes, I agree. We all face such troubles at least once or twice every year. You may suffer it at your office or at home and spent the whole day waiting for the facility service guy to come and fix it.


In today’s world, the most precious commodity of life is Time. For you and me, for every individual a single minute matters. We both know how busy our everyday schedule is. We do not have enough time to wait for other’s convenience time to get our job done.


Let’s think of an urban family where both husband and wife are working professionals and retain busy schedules. To fix a broken piece of pipe or to clear a clogging drain at home, how much time do you think they can spend? Can they wait for a day or two to get it fixed? Of course No. They need it immediately.


If in a busy office, the printer or Xerox machine unexpectedly stops working and the whole work stop, how will that office deal with it? Will they willing to wait for a whole day to get it fixed and let the loss happen? I don’t believe so.

The above are some minor issues of everyday life either at the office or at home. This can be escalating to bigger issues as well. Problems are always unexpected and deniable. No one can ignore it. What we can do is just try to ease the procedure and let its impact be minimum.

“When there is a will there is a way” isn’t it? The only effortless way is to register with an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC). AMC simplify all the inconvenience you face for your maintenance work. It helps you to resolve minor as well as major maintenance at your residence and workplace.

Let’s take a brief on how AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) work and support you. Many of you may think why should we switch to AMC? We don’t need facility services every day. But if you associate with AMC, you will get access to comprehensive facility services including repair and maintenance of your used assets. So what is the harm when your AMC associate partner becomes a one-stop solution to all your needs? Other than ringing to 10 different guys for 10 different tasks, it is wise to call one and get everything you need.

To cope up with the busy schedule of urban life, AMC service provider like Timesol reached the next level of facility services and property maintenance services. We come up with technology-based advanced equipment to close your issue at the earliest with minimum efforts. Timesol has years of expertise to deal with any kind of Maintenance Services you need for your property and the highly professional team deliver the task with customer satisfaction. We spend years to understand our clients need and constantly customizing the services based on the demands. We understand as the time changed, the requirements changed. Our package includes value-added services with affordable quote anywhere in the city. The quality service you are waiting for is just a step away.

Take a quick look at the services comes under Timesol’s AMC both for Residential & Commercial:

1.      Pest Control

2.      AMC – AC Maintenance

3.      AMC – Office maintenance

4.      AMC – Indoor Plants maintenance

5.      AMC – Pest Control

6.      AMC – Pantry

7.      AC Repair

8.      Interior designing

9.      House cleaning

10.  Sofa cleaning

11.  Tank cleaning

It is true to say that expertise comes with experience. So far we served 30 lakhs happy customers across the country and learn very well that the key to a successful business is customer satisfaction. We assured that all our customers should experience hassle-free services from our end so that they can happily recommend our services to others.

Make the right choice and switch to AMC service to get a quick and immediate response whenever needed at your home premises or business premises. The solution will be guaranteed in a few hours of the request. Leave your worries related to maintenance upon us. Give us the opportunity to serve you.    

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