Concierge Service: The Smart Way To Balance Work & Life in 2020


Sudha an IT professional was sitting in the cafeteria along with a cup of coffee. She looked troubled and nervous. She has a big project to be delivered on Friday. But she has other personal problems that can’t be ignored either.

Her daughter Kushala has a singing practice that afternoon and her little boy has to stay on his feeding schedule and Sudha has to have her suit dry cleaned in time for the project delivery presentation by Thursday. Her car is due for a service and she has not completed her grocery shopping for the month.

Sudha’s situation is very common for today’s worker. How do stressed employees deal with finding a balance between their personal and professional responsibilities? They don’t. It may seem like this extra time at work may benefit employers, but not when 10 to 20 per cent of the workday is devoted to personal tasks.

How can Corporates help the employees get the required work life balance to ensure a greater productivity and focus from the employee?

Many human resource/employee benefits professionals have turned to Timesol’s integrated premium concierge services to help employees get personal tasks taken care of so that their focus is on professional tasks.

For a small fee, companies can have a Timesol agent come in and take care of some of the employee’s personal tasks like buying gifts, walking the dog, and more. Due to its affordability, concierge services are not limited to large corporations, but can easily be incorporated into the benefits package of any small business.

So if you have employees like Sudha, who are overwhelmed in both their life at work and at home, maybe it is time to start looking at your benefits package to create a better work environment for your employees. The less stress your employees feel, the more productive they will be, reaping you greater returns on your investment in benefits like a concierge service.

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