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Corporate Employee Lifestyle Concierge

Corporate Employees are someone whose day to day to do list is tied up with innumerable official and unofficial tasks. Being a human being we realize there are plenty of further responsibilities in their personal lives just other than professional life. Everyone has a personal life outside the work place, which has to be taken care with priority. Either it is a birthday or an anniversary, sending gifts or flowers to your beloved one is not less than any other priority. Isn’t it? Corporate Employee Lifestyle Concierge package comprise of all kind of significant services.

Companies should not take the personal lives of their employees for grant. After all hired men have their own commitments. When an employer initiate to allocate personal service assistance to the employees to take care of his/her significant unofficial task outside the workplace, it is not only about a pleasant experience for them but also to reduce the amount of time and energy used in non-productive tasks. It is proven that when employees are not distracted by any work of day to day life, his/her productivity increases. In short if productivity increases, so does the company’s profit.

Timesol can present a varied range of support services like banking support, travel support, bill payments, RTO support, documentation support (like passport, pan card) and many more to the employees. If you also intent to facilitate your employees with concierge service please contact us (no.) or fill the form (link) to get a customized package which suits your need.

Service List

Timesol offer a wide range of Corporate Employee Lifestyle Concierge services to ensure a healthy work-life balance:

  • Home Service
  • Municipal service
  • RTO service
  • Lifestyle Management
  • Banking Service