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COVID-19 Solutions to Save


“Change is the only constant” the past few months have proven to us how meaningful the phrase is. There was a change in every aspect of our lives from the way we think to the way we act everything changed in a matter of days.

We adapted and accepted the new normal, the phrase that is now being commonly used to indicate the masked life. We wear masks, we use sanitizers regularly, and wash our hands in regular intervals this has become a necessity, these actions are the only precautions to keep the disease at bay.

These difficult times have taught us how to live with the pandemic, after an intense lockdown the phase-wise unlocking strategies were in place and now everything has become operational from rails to restaurants but the fear of the pandemic has forced us to maintain the preventive social distance norms and this has affected the workplace as well, establishments have begun their operations with a keen sight on employee safety.

Organizations have taken a willingness to provide the best-in-class services to the executives working for them, they are now enrolling with service providers to take protective actions. There are service providers who offer a wholesome service solution from a quarantine plan to sanitization and fumigation.

The solution providers like Timesol, offer an array of Co-vid 19 support services from hotel quarantine were in the employee if diagnosed with Co-vid 19 and would like to go in for a quarantine can choose from a 7 day or 14-day package with food, accommodation, and remote monitoring of vitals by trained healthcare staff twice a day. Not just restricted to it there would be video consultation with a doctor once a day. In case of emergency, they extend their support for hospitalization as well.

If the employee wants to be under a home quarantine even then these solution providers offer their support with a customized diet plan, home delivery of medicines,  remote health monitoring, and Hospitalization support by the care manager in case of an emergency at an additional cost.

They also help in fumigation of the employee’s homes and sanitization for the safety of their family members, at an additional cost they also deliver the Co-vid 19 kits and also provide 24/7 customer support with ease of access of call and chat options.

Solution providers like Timesol help fight the pandemic by assisting corporates to cater to the needs of the employees.

Let us fight the pandemic together says the team of Timesol.

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