Human Resource Service Solution

Corporates spend a decent amount of resources on developing and mastering their core competencies. Timesol works to keep the cost of manpower and the bordering activities at a marginal rate with an increase in the influence of the work that is done. Permanent staffing/outsourcing/contract staffing of core and non-core manpower is a means to not only cut down on the budget but also to enable the organization to transform the strategic direction quickly without the cost of retraining or going through an expensive management process.

Why HR solution?

  1. Contracting / Permanent staffing – allows the organization to carefully check out employees before offering them a full-time position.
  2. The best way to procure intellectual capital.
  3. Ease and control operating cost
  4. Access resources for supplementary purposes.
  5. Access resources if not obtainable internally.
  6. Reduce time & cost to marketing for resources.


Contract Staffing

Timesol offers a full service, cost-effective, professional and efficient resource management service to businesses that may not have the necessary assets to tend to these labor-intensive tasks. Signing with us helps ease the burden and your total employee management will be taken care of; as your own HR department.

Permanent Staffing

After extensive research and studying your requirement. We map out the relative industry identifying potential job seekers. We hand over to your those suitable through a pre-defined process. We tailor and customized our search in accordance with our client’s requirement.