Lockdown – Change in need is a change indeed


If somebody would have told us that the lives of every individual across the globe is going to change in a period of 6 months, we would not have given a greater emphasis to it. But the current scenario has proved that the change and Time are unavoidable. 

There has been a higher level of understanding among people on various fronts. Safety, hygiene, and economic stability are the most highlighted terms on every individuals mind and the governments of nations across the planet want to embed these as the ethos to emerge successfully from the pandemic.

 “Change your thoughts and you change your world” was a quote from Mr. Norman Vincent Peale but the current state of affairs has toppled the quote the “World has changed, and you change your thought”

While the governments are taking measures like lockdowns to ensure the spread of the disease is contained. At the same time companies are taking safety measures for their employees without interrupting economic stability and at the same time not compromising on the safety of their employees. When people are following mandates set by the state and staying at home, We ask: Why should anyone miss out on the services being offered in a company, at home? This is where a company like Timesol comes into the picture, with over 18+ years of expertise, they offer tailor made services to their clients. They understand that innovation is the key to survival and hence provide an innovative solution to all their customers’ needs at their doorstep.

When an organization wanted their employees to have the comfort of their office chairs, Timesol helped them out delivering the chairs to the individual employee houses. Not just that when they wanted the monitor to be delivered, they sprang into action to assist the clients to provide their employees a feel of office during the work from home period.

The company has also delivered cakes to the employees of a global FMCG manufactures as a thank you gesture for their dedication and for their time they spent apart from their family.

Not just stopping there the Timesol also has made its core value to provide any service its clients ask for, from safety equipment’s from PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to automatic hand sanitizers and fumigation for a complete office setup be it anything that an individual may require Timesol is equipped to handle.

Timesol aids the clients and urges the employees to “stay home and stay safe” during the lockdown.

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