Concierge Service Is A Surprisingly Low-Cost Solution To Increase The Productivity Of Your Organization and Its Employees


So How can a Start-up or an SME focus towards its growth which is its core and not worry about its chores?

The solution lies in partnering with a concierge service provider who can provide a tailored package for the SME and Start-up sector.

By providing a business concierge, companies are not only providing a valuable tool for employee satisfaction and retention but are alleviating the time & burden that personal tasks place on the company’s resources.

Your company will see an increase in productivity, better team spirit and increased employee loyalty.

Corporate concierge and personal assistant services are designed to reward and recognize employee loyalty or performance and attract and retain the best and most talented employees.  Encourage your staff to strive for excellence by providing a truly personalized benefit that conveys your appreciation.  Your employees will be more productive, less stressed, and will have higher morale when aided with juggling personal and professional responsibilities.

By offering a corporate concierge service to your employees, you will give your staff:

  • Reduced stress levels knowing personal tasks are being handled professionally and efficiently
  • Fewer distractions from work-related tasks
  • Increased focus on their work during working hours
  • More quality time to spend on their home and family life

Ad-hoc Concierge Services for SME’s & start-ups.

Businesses sometimes need extra support for specific projects or ongoing needs, without the need for hiring an additional employee. If you don’t want to take on the expense of a full or even part-time assistant or additional employee, you can still get the help you need… just when you need it.  A cost-effective solution, our team can serve as a personal assistant, make phone calls, arrange travel or other bookings, provide internet research or complete to-do lists. As part of a growing trend of outsourcing business tasks, business concierge assistants are playing an important role in today’s business environment by providing cost-saving benefits to the businesses and individuals. These assistants can perform many of the same services as office-based employees but without the associated costs such as payroll tax, worker’s compensation, superannuation, sick and other leave, or training, office space, telephone, etc.

The solution needs to be low cost and yet provides all the facilities that an MNC company gets.  The concierge service provider should guarantee a fast turn-around time and be matured and take responsibility to solve the organisation’s problems.

As an SME or a Start-up Founder if you think you and your staff need to focus on their core responsibilities and are willing to give to take away the daily chores from their basket give us a call or email with your contact details to talk to us.

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