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Mall Concierge

Mall Concierge Service was adopted to furnish the customer service quality of the mall to aid their guests. So it won’t be inaccurate to say that it is just a customer support services in a mall. Mall concierge comprise of a small service like greeting the guest, to aid them in shopping, to errands for the guest in or around the mall premises and so on. To stand on the expectation of each guest and showcase them the service standard of a spot, a concierge service is a must. However, the concierge services not only manifest the classy culture but also ensure the pleasing experience for the guest.

Regardless of all the infrastructures and commodities available for the guest, a service assistant is something which cannot be ignored when it comes to please and satisfy your guests.

Wait! If any service is not listed out here of your need don’t worry. We can consult and accommodate it for you.



Service List

Timesol offer a wide range of Mall Concierge Services to ensure a hassle free shopping experiences. Few of the services are listed below

  • Prams and Wheelchair Booking
  • Managing Lost and Found
  • Issuing Work Permit
  • Shopping Assistance