TIME – The Inevitable Master Ethos


Time – A concept that is innate to every individual, from the day a child is born their only constant companion is Time itself.

When a kid grows he doesn’t find time to just sit and relax, with the school and cocurricular activities they are pushed to their limits, even after they grow a little older and find a job they have to run the extra mile to ensure their family is happy, their bosses are happy and they exert themselves trying to achieve the perfect work and life balance. But this was the scenario in 2019 “BC” (Before Covid 19), now things run a little different.

In the words of Mr. J.R.R. Tolkien “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us”.

Most of us are staying home and staying safe working from home, we have the liberty of deciding what we are to do with the time that the pandemic has given us. Though we are safe there is a part of us wanting to do a lot more while staying home, apart from the things that we do for our organization.

We would want to shop, we might need to get our homes cleaned, fumigated, or get it painted. We may also require some government related jobs to be done, or property to be managed or even file our taxes on time. All these require out of the home connections and the one place we can get all our tasks sorted with the convenience of our own home is through companies like Timesol.

With a wide range of service offerings Timesol vows to provide best in class services with enhanced customer delight. We just have to choose the product from the store, Timesol picks it up and delivers to our door, with just a call or a mail Timesol carries out all your facility related needs, from Survey to Handover the team is systematic and gives a great deal of focus on safety and hygiene, if we find it difficult to find the right person to get our property or government related services Timesol helps us in getting these tedious tasks done without any hassle. Though the government has given us a grace period for filling our Taxes, Timesol helps us to effectively plan for the tax filings and get our ITR filed.

There is a major change in our mindsets, earlier the focus was on achieving the seamless work and life balance  but now the focus is shifted on the TIME we have in hand and how effectively we are utilizing it.

“The way we spend our TIME defines who we are” _ Jonathan Estrin.

Let us stay in, stay safe and plan effectively to utilize the time in hand.

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